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“I have now been taking Reductil for just over 6 weeks and so far, to date, I’ve lost 10 pounds. I expected to have lost at least a stone by now and it has, by no means been easy. Thanks to Reductil”

– Jenny, UK (Updated on 09/09/2014)

“I’ve known about Reductil for some years now, but never considered taking it; after all, it was designed for those with clinical obesity. Users of this drug, have to have a BMI of 30 or above. I than researched Reductil further and read that it was also prescribed for people whose BMI was under 30, providing they have high Cholesterol or Type 2 Diabetes. I decided and went on Reductil which gave me the kick-start I needed to get back on track to my previous healthy lifestyle”

– Laura, Sweden (Updated on 05/07/2014)

“Reductil is a tablet designed to assist in weight loss I have used it on two separate occasions and have been successful both times. I first heard of Reductil through my doctor about five years ago. I wanted to loose weight. I was told that if I could show some improvement on my own in a month then I could be prescribed a medication that would help me too. I was prescribed Reductil. It has an active ingredient called Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. However Reductil is designed to help you lose weight but you will still need will power to achieve it. It works by making you feel satisfied with less food. Therefore reducing the amount of food you eat and encouraging your body to survive on less by using the fat stores it has already”

Lars, Denmark (Updated on 25/08/2014)

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