Reductil 15mg Dosage

Reductil 15mg Dosage

The recommended dosage of Reductil 15mg is one tablet a day orally with glass of water. It does not matter whether you take Reductil 15mg before or after food. If you have forgotten any dose take it immediately when you remember, but if you remember within one to three hour of next dose leave that dose and continue to take your normal dosage.

Reductil is available in two strengths: Reductil 10mg and Reductil 15mg ideally start with 10mg and if no results are there for more than 3 months you can increase dosage strength to 15mg.

Also taking more than one tablet a day will not result in increase of weight loss but will add to more negative side effects. Thus it is highly recommended not to go for any kind of additional dosage of Reductil 15mg tablet.

This dosage provided above is according to practice which is normally followed. However dosage recommendations defer from individual to individual, thus it is better to ask your doctor before going for any dosage.

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